/Apple iphone 8 vs iphone x specification price in India comparison 2017
iphone x specification

Apple iphone 8 vs iphone x specification price in India comparison 2017

One of the most popular topics in the tech world today is the release of the iPhone 8 and soon iPhone X. It feels like just yesterday the iPhone 7 was released, but apple is bringing to the market many upgrades in these new phones. Now check here Apple iphone 8 specification, price in india, England and USA. iphone x vs iphone 8 comparison

Apple iphone 8 Specification 2017

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 is currently released so customers have been able to experience the upgrades, most notably, in the camera. Apple’s “World’s most popular camera,” said to be best on the market, is truly impressing customers with its different upgraded settings and refined image quality. iPhone users are now able to take professional looking photos simply with their smartphones. In addition to this, there is a new HD display with a wider range of color. A true tone technology is also added to automatically adjust white balance to match the light in your environment. Overall, it seems the viewing aspects of the phone is on another level than seen before. Cosmetically, there is a new design with glass in the back and front. Though people are skeptical about this, it seems to be a well thought-out design of either silver, gold, or grey and water and dust resistance. Internally, it has the “smartest, most powerful chip ever in a smartphone” and wireless charging in which one sets the phone on a charging mat. We can see that Apple is really trying to change the way we use smartphones.

iphone 8 specification

Iphone 8 price in India (Rs)| USA ($)

Though most agree that the camera is better than any on the market, some claim that the phone’s design is old fashioned and that it will be better to wait until the iPhone X is released. Some issues have sprung up amongst customers such as fault batteries and audio issues, so maybe it is better to wait on the next release. Though, the exponential increase in the price tag may change a lot of people’s minds.

So here is the price of iphone 8 in indian currency and in US dollars (Basic).

Indian Currency – Rs 59,999.
Euro – £699.
US Dollars – $699.

iphone 8 price in india

Apple Iphone X Specification 2017

iPhone X

Preorders for the iPhone X begin 27 October, and many people are anxious for the new iPhone experience. Cosmetically, there is a dramatic change from all other iPhones; with a new “sleek design,” the entire front of the smartphone is made up of the screen. Because of the OLED technology, the screen can reach all the corners of the phone without distortion. This allows significantly more screen space. It seems that the image technology is even more advanced than the iPhone 8 with “accurate, stunning colors, true blacks, high brightness, and 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio.” There will be even more advancement with the camera and HDR quality instead of iPhone 8’s HD. This new iphone will be similar to the iPhone 8 with the glass back but this one will have a special coating that resists scratches. Because there is no button, the means of navigation is through swiping which will work in an intuitive, easy way to the user. If you are wondering, how does one unlock the phone? Apple has added Face ID technology to this smartphone. So, in addition to the advancement in the camera, it will also contain cameras with sensors and face mapping for utility and entertainment. Like the iPhone 8, there will be wireless charging, and both are said to have a longer battery life.

iphone x specification

iphone X Price in USA | India

Since the smartphone is not yet released, any faulty aspects and complaints are unknown. Though, apple has really seemed to have advanced the technology in their product and truly give their consumers more than just a phone. With all of these advancements, maybe the iPhone X is worth the price.

Indian Currency – Rs 89,000 (estimated)
US Dollar – $999.
Euro – 999.

iphone 8 vs iphone x comparison

iphone 8 vs iphone x Comparison

 Basics  Iphone 8 Iphone X
Color Gold, Silver, Space Gray Space, Gray, Silver
Capacity & Price 64GB – Rs 64000/-
256GB – Rs 74,000/-
64GB – Rs 89000/-
256GB – Rs 1,02,000/-
Weight 148 gm 174 gm
Display 4.7″ (1334 x 750 – pixel resolution) 5.8″ (2436 x 1125 – pixel resolution)
 Camera (Back) 12MP 12MP
 Camera (Front)  7Mp  7MP
 Security Touch ID -Fingerprint sensor built into the Home button  Face ID – Enabled by True Depth Camera for Facial recognition
Video Recording 4K video recording 1080p Hd video recording at 30fps or 60fps. 4K video recording 1080p Hd video recording at 30fps or 60fps.
  Operating System  iOS 11  iOS 11