/2018 SEO Techniques | Article Rank Tricks Within 1 day | Get High Quality links
SEO Techniques 2018 Tricks

2018 SEO Techniques | Article Rank Tricks Within 1 day | Get High Quality links

Here you will learn about the latest SEO techniques of 2018 which help you to access our article rank tricks within a day, also get high quality links power.

SEO Techniques 2018 Tricks & Tips

Welcome friends on this website which is going to start providing latest techniques and tricks of SEO. You hear about the many techniques to get high quality links by using directory, guest posting, profile linking. Ofcourse, friends these all techniques are useful to rank article and website as well. You can choose a specific keyword or a group of keywords. But always use long tail keywords because they are helpful to rank your post.

In these days, the competition of websites is increasing day by day. Many bloggers have various tricks and techniques to rank their post. But some are using old techniques provided by those bloggers who shows that they are helping others by providing SEO techniques 2018 article. But in reality, they are not helping them. They are just showing you a long way to rank your article.

SEO Techniques 2018 Tricks

How To Rank Article within 1 day | 4 Techniques to rank Article on Google Page 1

Those bloggers who are beginner in this field, are searching for the SEO techniques provided by other old bloggers. They just waste their time and make their own money. But i will not hide any secret from you. Here we have 3 techniques to rank article on Google page 1. If you follow these tricks properly then you can rank your article on the top of first page in google search engine.

Unique Title With Keywords SEO trick

  1. Unique Title With Keywords | SEO Trick 2018

    This is the first trick which you should learn before start writing any post. Keywords are the main part of SEO. If you want to rank your article on the first page of google search then always make a unique title which includes keywords. Don’t try to use high keywords because most of the people already use them in their title or in their content. Here i will teach you how to make a unique title to rank article.
    Suppose your blog is related to sports prediction and you want to provide match prediction. Your main keyword is match prediction. Then always try to make your title unique by using some long tail keywords. For Example, “Match Prediction” is the keyword. Then first you have to search for the related searches of this keywords.
    – Today’s match prediction
    – 100% match prediction
    – Who Will Win Today match prediction
    – 27th match prediction.
    So in the above of this post you can see other related searches of match prediction keyword. You can use those related searches in your title and make it unique and rank your article.

    Unique Title With Keywords SEO Techniques
    Unique Title With Keywords SEO Techniques
  2. Meta Description 2018 Trick of SEO

    Meta is the second important part of SEO. Don’t forget to write meta description of your article. Because google will catch keywords from your meta tag.
    Write 2-3 lines including keywords of your article in the above of article. This will help you to catch keywords from your article.

  3. Proper Keyword Stuffing Trick

Our first trick is keyword stuffing. This is very simple and easy SEO technique which is very important for every blogger. If you don’t use keyword in your title and content, then it is very hard to rank your article even if you have a good quality content.  Use long tail keywords in the all paragraph. Don’t miss any paragraph without any keyword. (article World Cup 2018 prediction) For example – World Cup 2018 prediction report, Who will Win World cup 2018, world cup 2018 winning chances. Use at least two keywords in single paragraph which contain four two five lines.

How to Rank Blog Post 2018 Tips & tricks – Fresh Content

As we all know that the article which contain fresh content will rank fast and on the top of the google. The trick of fresh content is very useful for a blog post. First you need a good quality article which contain 4-6 paragraph with heading and subheadings. Suppose your article rank on the last position of first page in google. You just need your wait for 3-4 hours and then write more content in that article. After adding some images and fresh content by using new subheadings which contain other remaining keywords. Update your article by editing date and time of your post. After that you just need to submit your post to google.

How to Rank Blog Post 2018 tricks
How to Rank Blog Post 2018 tricks

After few hours you will see that your article chase other rank posts of first page in google. Try to update fresh and quality content because this is the only way which help you to rank post, otherwise this trick will not work if you try to do spam or write poor quality content.

Get High Quality Links Power 2018 Trick
Get High Quality Links Power 2018 Trick

Get High Quality Links Power 2018 Trick

If you done all these tricks which i provided in the above of this post, still your article is not ranking in the top position. Then the missing part of your SEO is link power. You just need to create other free blogs. You can create your free blog at blogger.com, wordpress.com and other free blogs. Write small articles in those free blogs related to your website or article which you are trying to rank. After adding some content in these blogs, you just need to get link power from those blogs. Now your free blogs are ready to provide side-wide links.

These links will rank your post within 1 day. You can take max 2 links from each blog. Use different keyword in each blog to get high quality links power. After adding links, submit those free blogs on google and their articles and tags. After completing these trick, either you can wait for a day or add more fresh content to your main blog article. After one day you will see that your main blog article start rank high.

I hope that this trick will become useful for you. Don’t forget to give your review in the comment box related to these SEO 2018 Techniques and Tricks.